Ned Sabi & Katarina Planinc Tango Milonguero

We are Ned Sabi and Katarina Planinc, professional dancers and teachers of Argentine Tango. Our focus is on social dancing, so we teach movements that are practical and appropriate for dancing at Milongas.  The dance style we focus on is the Buenos Aires "close embrace" standard social. While this is a bit more difficult, it allows for greater subtlety in lead and follow and a better feeling of connection to one’s partner. This style, also known as estilo milonguero (milonguero-style tango), is known in Buenos Aires by the name of Estilo del centro because it originates from downtown milongas where dance floors were crowded. The style developed from and is appropriate to crowded dance floors.

Because a good dancer needs to be able to navigate well on a crowded floor we teach floorcraft, the techniques and elements needed to manage the space on a dance floor and dance with consideration to others on a crowded floor. We want to help dancers of all levels to create an enjoyable, innovative dance to share with their partner and other dancers. We are attentive to the class dynamics, and making sure no one is left out.

Perhaps it is not most important, but we think that you will not learn much of anything if you are not enjoying the process. So, our goal is to make clear, creative, encouraging and fun classes.

Our workshops are usually taught in a few stages: technique (body control, couple communication, etc.), movements and putting it all together with music to get nice tango dancing. Everyone can dance and enjoy dancing tango, but to do this, we have to learn how to become natural again. This is why during the many years of teaching tango we have built a special teaching methodology, which is based on the naturalness of each movement in tango. We are continually looking for the simplest and most accessible way to teach tango and because of that we are continually developing our teaching methods. Tango learning never stops 🙂

And last but not least, as the best dancers in Buenos Aires say, "It's not so much what you do, but how you do it!" How to connect to the music? And how to have comfortable close embrace? Because of that our own milonguero style mix tradition and evolution in way of complementing today’s dynamic in tango with its roots in the traditional milonguero style. The goal is to connect dynamics and musicality, to transfer the music into the movements of the body which will turn our dance into a funny but sensual experience. We don’t want to limit you with multitude of steps and clutter your mind with combinations you can never remember. Our goal is to give you the true understanding of Argentine Tango structure and music, mechanics of the movement, technique and cadence. From there you can start improvising on you own and find your own style.

Ned Sabi has been teaching Tango regularly since 2003. As the founder of the first Tango school and Society in Croatia Ned has introduced Argentine Tango to hundreds of people. Katarina Planinc is tango dancer and teacher from Slovenia and from her tango beginnings she is inspired by close embrace milonguero style. They are both strongly influenced by the style of dancing in the Milongas of Buenos Aires, and, especially these last years, by the new approach of milonguero dancing on the tango encuentros in Europe.

Ned has improved his tango on the best milongas in Buenos Aires and has studied with dozens of the best teachers in and from Buenos Aires. They are the best-known Tango dancers and teachers from both old and young generation of the late nineties and the beginning of our century. They include: Carlos Gavito, Facundo & Kely Posadas, Nito & Elba Garcia, Juan Carlos Copes, El Flaco Dany, Chiche & Marta, Jorge Firpo, Pedro “Tete” Rusconi & Silvia Ceriani, Alfredo Garcia & Ana Monteagudo, Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida, Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Sergio Natario & Alejandra Arrué, Fabian Salas & Carolina del Rivero, Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa, Milena Plebs, Cecilia Gonzalez, Gabriela Elias, Laura De Altube, Omar Vega, Gabriel Glagovsky, Eduardo Cappussi & Mariana Flores, Norberto "El Pulpo" Esbrez & Luiza Paes, Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli & Eugenia Parrilla, Eduardo Saucedo & Marisa Quiroga,  Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes,  Roberto Reis & Lucila Cionci, Damian Essel & Nancy Louzan,  Demián García & Carolina Bonaventura, Adrian Veredice & Alejandra Hobert, Claudio Gonzalez & Melina Brufman, Enrique & Guillermo De Fazio, Dana Frigoli, Sergio Cortazzo & Gachi Fernande, Ezequiel Paludi & Sabrina Masso, Rodrigo Palacios & Agustina Berenstein, Facundo Gil Jauregui & Luciana Valle, Joe Corbata & Lucila Cionci, Damian Rosenthal & Celine Ruiz, Juan Capriotti & Graciana Romeo, Gustavo Funes & Mariana Gonzalo, Gustavo Rosas & Gisela Natoli, Mario Consiglieri & Anabella Diaz Hojman, Facundo Gil Jauregui & Luciana Valle…

If you wish to organize workshops and shows of Tango with us, please contact us, and we will send our working conditions as well as the topics for classes. We can discuss your needs and give you more information on the type of classes that can be arranged. Special Teaching+DJ or Teaching+Performance… Private lessons are available for those who wish to progress at their own pace. They are a great way of giving a boost to your tango. It’s a great option if you simply want a faster improvement. We guarantee you a progress already after one lesson. Private lessons are offered for an individual or a couple. The student/s can suggest a theme that they want to work on and we will work on it together until the difficulty is resolved.




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We are organizers of the Encuentro Milonguero ROSAS DE OTOÑO in Zagreb-Croatia.

ROSAS DE OTOÑO in Zagreb-Croatia.